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REPL’s retail change specialists bring real-world experience of change management and business operations to your technology projects. Seamlessly fitting into any team, we focus on understanding your business’ priorities and risks, to ensure you land a project which delivers value.

By putting your people at the heart of our approach, our change management specialists couple their expertise with the experience of your stakeholders, employees and customers to define and execute change designed to maximise business benefits.

Supported by the right blend of change management tools to suit our client’s needs, our projects are well managed, visible, and understood. The right people are involved at the right time, so programmes benefit from insight and innovation. As projects flow across the finish line, innovative technology is seamlessly adopted by end users making its introduction a smooth and positive transition.

“Not putting people at the heart of any business transformation initiative is like buying a supercar before you can drive; you may have a shiny new piece of tech but if you don’t how and where to take it, you’re never going to get the thrill and benefits it can deliver. By embedding our change expertise into our client’s projects right from the onset, we not only optimise the project’s success but also make meaningful and sustainable changes, long after the project has been delivered.”


Emma Armitage,
Change Management Practice Lead,

transformational change that sticks.

Engage stakeholders and end users with a programme of technical change that exceeds project outcomes and delivers the best possible return on investment.

In the thick of business transformation, applying change management expertise maintains a helicopter view of the organisation’s initiatives. Wider change programmes are tracked, considered, and connected so projects remain relevant and united to business objectives.

Joining the dots between your strategic vision, current implementation and culture to understand and manage the change experience for colleagues is key to driving adoption of the solution, closing capability gaps, and to realising benefits.

We will help equip your teams so they are READY, WILLING and ABLE to adopt and embed the planned changes through:

  • Minimising disruptive impacts on the business through active engagement of, and communication with, impacted stakeholder groups
  • Accelerating adoption of modern technology and process changes by clarifying roles & responsibilities while building capability
  • Embedding new ways of working into the business through enabling colleagues to ‘own’ and accelerate the changes

defining and understanding the change.

Prepare by gaining deep, realistic insight into the complexity of the change, potential impacts and the organisation’s capacity and capability to undertake it. Work with colleagues at all levels to ensure that these impacts are fully understood.

clarity & benefits.

it is important to identify clear ways in which the organisation, and individual employee, will benefit from any change activity- this should be included in change initiatives to drive engagement.

stakeholder identification.

identifying ALL of the correct stakeholders and ensuring that there is a thorough plan to address any commitment gaps is key. Continuous engagement of these stakeholders will help to drive success.

planning & management.

using a robust change methodology aligned with a project management methodology, thoroughly planning and managing change in the most appropriate way for the organisation.


supporting colleagues.

supporting teams and individuals through the change through training, communications, stakeholder engagement and strong leadership. Collaborating with colleagues is key.

advocacy of good practice.

sharing success stories, good practice and lessons learned helps to prepare stakeholders and build engagement.

collaborate with us to delight your stakeholders and improve success rates.

As the rate of change continues to accelerate in all areas of life, the ability to execute successful transformation relies on applying a human-centred approach. By bringing together our deep retail experience and our technical expertise, we help clients create strategies designed and embedded through collaboration with their employees.
Successful delivery of business transformation strategies is underpinned by operating models that are created by innovative and agile teams. Working with these teams, we bring our continuous improvement mind-set, leveraged by insight and data analytics to design operating models that are relevant now and for the future.
The behaviours of leaders and managers are fundamental in creating a positive employee experience and can make or break project success. We help leaders to inspire and enable their teams to embrace new ways of working and technology changes, optimising growth and sustainability.
Understanding the journey between where you are today, and where you’re heading is crucial. When introducing any system, process or policy change, completing a detailed change impact assessment forms the basis of any successful change implementation and subsequent benefits realisation. Using a blend of techniques including Persona Mapping and Business Process Mapping, we design change plans that avoid unnecessary disruption and maximise employee and operational readiness.
Harness project success by identifying and assessing your employees’ needs and wants early in the process through collaboration and human-centered design. Develop a communication strategy that keeps employee awareness and engagement levels where they need be at each stage of the change process. By creating compelling vision statements and explaining why and how changes are going to be introduced, aligned to the culture and wider operating model, employees are more prepared and willing to accept the new ways of working.
In an ever-changing work environment, building internal (agile) capabilities that inspire and enable employees to be their best every day is essential for success. Employees expect and deserve a learning experience that is most relevant to their learning style and role, with an element of choice and personalisation that reflects their aspirations. We design, create and deliver digital and in-person learning resources that are relevant, engaging and always accessible.
When everything is changing, maintaining a human-centric approach when embracing new opportunities and challenges is always a good start. We help to design, build and deploy new and innovative ways of working with the employee experience top of mind. Understanding the shared beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, employees are enabled and inspired to be their best at work, driving successful business outcomes.

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