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Whether you are trying to implement a new AI system, or drive better decision making using your data. The path to intelligent operations requires a strategic data centric vision of the organisation future. We have been a core part of assessing the maturity of organisations and identifying the lean changes to their core governance of data. We use a blend of business and scientific approach to simplify operations, using prescriptive analytics, enabled by highly skilled PhD scientists and Business SMEs that drives better data quality, and an intelligent operations model. 

“data science has outgrown the lab and now informs real-life applications and decision making. This presents an exciting opportunity for retailers as the power becomes increasingly apparent.”


Rafik Salama,
Data Science Practice Lead

data maturity.

Business outcome driven data strategies, are a lean and minimalist way to start exploring your existing data vision within the organisation, and the best path to driver to a better maturity. REPL helps retail clients evolve their organisational maturity across multiple dimensions spanning business processes, organization structure, data and analytics roadmap alignment. Armed by an agile methodology, templates and a process, we have trained data consultants that can assess your existing data maturity. Given a scientific framework of value chain assessment, we can identify the least effort opportunities that can create the best value of return for the organisation. Use cases of large organisations multimillion business cases, can be shared on request.

intelligent operations.

An intelligent automated operations model is the aim for many organisations, minimising the operations costs and overhead. At the core of these models, is data governance to maintain the data centric vision of the organisation, and the ownership hierarchy. REPL has trialled and executed methodologies across large organisations to establish governance and ownership. In addition, to experienced cloud data engineers and scientists to build the needed tools, and prescriptive analytics insights that simplifies millions and billions of data points into prescribed actions.

adapt forecast.

Adapt forecast is a cloud-based product developed by REPL PhD data scientists to forecast any timeseries data. The product is built with clients, and for clients, evolving with every client engagement. The product uses state of art machine learning technologies, leveraging a mixture of statistical models, and deep learning approaches, that allows us to leverage and generalise historical information globally and locally. The result is an open framework product that can be tailored for any organisational use case, leveraging any dataset that would improve accuracy. The current product is already live in many organisations generating billions of forecast data points. It considers various third-party datasets, like weather, economic indicators, geographical information, and events. The product can handle a wide verity of use cases, like new stores, renovations, cannibalisations, etc.

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intelligent analytics.

REPL’s data science team harness the power of machine learning to drive efficiency, engagement and profitability, taking a scientific approach to complex business challenges with AI-led data insights and solutions. Watch the video for a simple yet power analytics use case

A creative use of data that generates tangible business value.

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REPL will make sense of your data. It will be organised, optimised and analysed by
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data services.

collection, migration, clean-up, augmentation, inventory management


demand management.

staff demand, inventory stocking, category management, root cause analysis


workforce management.

staff root cause analysis, recruitment criteria and staff shift optimisation


product marketing.

campaign forecasting, A/B significance testing



automated optimisation

consumer insights.

store services, local area demographics


product pricing.

competition analysis including online


read the Future of Retail report.

2020 was one of the most difficult years for retailers. Despite this, we believe there is a brighter future ahead if the industry is able to evolve at the pace required. Raconteur's Future of Retail report, featured in The Sunday Times, introduces the future of the industry and how it will be affected post Covid-19.


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