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 The ability to meet the demands of today’s consumer requires the implementation of flexible business processes, innovation in customer-facing as well as supporting environments, and a holistic view of business data.

As organisations invest in software to achieve this agility and insight, it often creates a complex landscape with multiple tools enabling specific processes or teams operating in silos with little collaboration or performance management between divisions..

“As organisations look to the composable enterprise as a solution to the limitations of monolithic legacy software infrastructure, systems integration becomes the key to achieving the value this approach promises.”


Steve Player,
Practice Lead, Integration & Architecture

meet modern demands.

Modern demands mean hard-working systems are vital, but no business process operates in isolation and the same goes for your software. The cutting-edge tools you use to increase efficiency, maintain compliance, and access critical data for decision making must integrate with your wider technology landscape to really unlock the value they promise.

REPL’s in-house industry specialists make this happen. Our consulting and application experts use pioneering, agile principles to deliver complex change. Especially skilled at complicated, multi-country projects, we don’t rely on associates or offshore support to get exceptional results. This comprehensive, personal approach achieves full systems synergy, on time and on budget.

Ensuring that systems integration goes beyond simple application architecture to achieve transformation across the whole business.

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REPL’s expert team has the technical know-how to streamline systems and effortlessly manage apps, data and devices. 
Our team have extensive project experience with existing products and custom-built solutions to tackle every challenge. And the confidence and creativity to fully integrate leading-edge tech into your systems: arming you with tech that will revolutionise the workplace and elevate the customer experience.
Tailormade system integration services delivered by expert consultants and a dedicated team of software engineers break down the complex into simple, achievable steps.
  • Systems and legacy integration
  • Process improvement
  • Programme management
  • Architecture management
  • Testing strategy, planning and execution
  • Quality improvement

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