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collaborate with us to deliver your retail technology projects sustainably.

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Organisations are under increasing pressure to become more sustainable, whether that be environmentally or socially all while maintaining or growing profit. Technology is a key enabler of sustainability but it, and the way it is delivered can often have a detrimental effect on sustainability.

REPL successfully delivers retail technology projects and programmes across Supply Chain, Workforce Transformation and In-Store technology using a range of delivery methodologies, whether that be waterfall, agile, customer or delivery partner specific, or an appropriate blended approach.

Incorporating sustainability into project delivery doesn’t have to impact time, cost, or quality. We are able to compliment Accenture’s delivery and sustainability offerings by raising awareness and reframing our ways of working, introducing simple extensions to existing processes, and using new Accenture delivery tools to deliver projects more sustainably.

We use the 5 capitals to frame sustainability internally; with a greater level of detail than the ESGs (Environmental Sustainability Goals) and simpler than the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), they are more easily relatable to our organisation and to project delivery.

Project methodologies encompass 5 basic elements whether they work linearly or iteratively. By overlaying the 5 capitals onto this generic life-cycle, sustainability is considered and applied pragmatically at each stage to ensure that the scope is still delivered in line with customer expectations. Once sustainability is understood using the 5 capitals, we can support our customers to map the benefits to their chosen sustainability goals and whichever framework they use.

“Incorporating sustainability into projects is no longer a nice to have or vanity initiative wholly dependent on whether there is budget available. Increasing stakeholder pressure and legislation mean that technology has to be sustainable, as do the delivery and operational models. Embedding sustainability by design across the full lifecycle, into the product or service itself and the operating model will ensure organisational success which supports the triple bottom line of People, Profit and Planet.”

Graeme Hamlet,
Sustainability Lead
2021 Five Capitals Diagram

collaborate with us to deliver your retail technology projects sustainably.

Complementing our implementation and change management expertise with sustainability knowledge, and leveraging Accenture’s Sustainability Technology offering, allows us to deliver your retail projects sustainably.
Sustainability diagram

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Our learning and development opportunities start with a fantastic induction module which includes sustainability and kicks off a variety of learning journeys.

As our teams progress their careers, there are opportunities to further develop their sustainability capabilities with Accenture courses and external development.  This new sustainability knowledge is included in our sustainable delivery model giving our team a chance to apply what they have learnt.

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collaborate with us to deliver your retail technology projects sustainably.

Complementing our implementation and change experience and expertise with sustainability knowledge and leveraging the best technology Accenture has to offer allows us to deliver your retail projects sustainably and support your ESG or SDG roadmap.

There are so many opportunities within the supply chain to unlock sustainability, across each of the ‘five capitals.’ Leveraging our Supply Chain knowledge with sustainable delivery and the right technology, can unlock operational waste and emissions reductions, improve improvement both internal and external engagement, build better relationships with employees, suppliers, consumers and also their local communities.
Workforce management technology is a great enabler of human and social capital and can positively and negatively impact the other capitals. By understanding this holistic or sustainable view, and delivering sustainably, organisations can make more informed decisions around staffing and better manage the resulting impacts so that people, profit and planet can benefit.
Legacy in store technology or manufactured capital can have detrimental impacts across all areas sustainability - increasing energy costs and emissions, employee wellbeing and poor customer relationships can all result from not managing the technology. Combining our experience in vendor selection with deep retail knowledge and sustainability by design enables us to help our customers improve all aspects of suitability across the 5 capitals'.

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