our culture.

what makes REPL so remarkable?

our culture

social and collaborative ethos.

At REPL we place a high importance on a social and collaborative ethos, both in and out of the office. There are plenty of opportunities to get to know your colleagues and have fun during work hours & after you switch off your computer.

Luckily for us we were acquired by a company that holds the same core values we do. Just like Accenture, we too believe you should be able to be your best every day in a work environment that helps drive innovation in everything you do.

Balance your work and personal life with a range of workplace options and innovative tools that help you stay connected globally. You decide which way works best for you. We offer flexible from home working and office locations all over the world.

“We try to empower people to bring their best authentic selves to work, and by doing the same ourselves, we’ve tried to cultivate a culture, and environment, that’s honest and unique. We’re not all the same person, but we do have shared goals and values and to create an authentic, safe, workplace is a goal shared by many.”


Bal Lola,
Director of Business

our employee networks.

The REPL employee networks are groups of self-nominated individuals who have committed to making REPL just this: a great place to work. Our team comprises individuals across REPL Groups, from various regions and from different ethnic backgrounds with a view to be representative of the employees that comprise our company.

Our mission is to create opportunities that allow our people to engage with their colleagues, our company and our values.

Our aim is to provide a forum that enables employees to identify and contribute to creating a great place to work. We identify and focus on areas of development using the Great Place to Work survey as a first point of reference, and provide regular updates to stakeholders. We also serve as a point of reference for the Senior Leadership team when considering new company initiatives.

Our mission is for REPL to be recognised as an ethnically astute, diverse, and inclusive employer and place to work. We are trying to achieve this by actively levelling the playing field towards recruitment that supports ethnic minorities. Succession planning, mentorship and development that supports ethnic minorities. Promoting diversity awareness by celebrating ethnic minorities within the workplace. Our aim is to challenge the status quo, continually championing ethnic diversity and ensuring active inclusion in order to create a pioneering and unified community that is committed to learning, understanding and effecting change within and beyond REPL.
At REPL Pride our mission is to be visible, to educate, and to support from a place of love and understanding. We aim to give all of our colleagues the space and opportunity to shine and be their full, remarkable selves in the workplace regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or any other form of personal identification.
The Wellbeing teams mission is to create a safe space for people to work and to create initiatives to support our teams mental, financial, social and physical wellbeing. Our aim is to ensure we keep our finger on the pulse of our people and amplify wellbeing support that is readily available, while developing new support initiatives.
Our mission is to further working in a gender balanced society where Women in Technology experience equality and equity in job roles, pay and opportunity. Our aim is to achieved this through initiatives in the community, education, support, recruitment and retention and empowerment. Initiatives include focus groups, panel discussions, blogs and marketing, activities with schools and universities and job adverts and policy reviews. We want all women to feel comfortable in taking their seat at the table.
Our mission is to continuously research, learn, and understand what sustainability means for REPL – the focus purely on the environmental impact. Our aim is to develop on our internal ways of working, how we deliver projects and whether there were opportunities to include sustainability in our customer offerings. We are now revisiting our thinking and updating our views on how we operate and what can offer our customers as well as looking at how we align with Accenture.

career and learning.

Our learning and development opportunities start with a fantastic induction module which kicks off a variety of learning journeys. As our teams progress through internal and external training, there are opportunities to develop and become accredited in technical and generalist areas, all with a healthy balance of security and business ethics training thrown in for good measure.


During your time at REPL you will be invited to a wide range of work events. We have an engagement committee that organises entertainment throughout the year, from our summer BBQ to our Christmas party as well as many cultural events from Chinese New Year to Diwali.

our values.

what makes REPL, part of Accenture, a ‘Great Place to Work’ in 2022?

One of the achievements we’re proudest of at REPL, Part of Accenture, is our remarkable people and culture. That’s why we were so ecstatic to be officially certified as a Great Place to Work for 2022 – an accolade reserved for those companies that truly put employee experience and satisfaction at the heart of what they do.


achieve the remarkable.

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