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end-to-end automated testing as a service.

In today’s fast paced software testing industry, the need to test and deliver applications quicker and better without compromising on quality is critical to the success of any organisation. Our focus on automation first, with cutting edge inhouse frameworks, ensures that REPL’s world class test automation capability transforms the delivery of quality. Knowledge in various industries combined with our deep knowledge of the retail industry gives REPL the edge to succeed even in areas of testing normally considered beyond the scope of automation.

REPL’s “shift left” approach ensures quality is embedded within key focus areas of the business. This approach allows developers, business users and stakeholders to identify and resolve defects faster and earlier in the software SDLC process. Our engineers are embedded in the development process, working side by side with developers, DevOps engineers, project managers and product owners. REPL’s engineers are able to adapt and apply quality across all test methodologies.

We leverage the latest in Open Source tooling, brought together by our test frameworks, to deliver “in-cycle”, tailored automation that provides fast, efficient testing with unparalleled levels of transparency. We make the results of our tests immediately available and accessible to our customers, so that you can make decisions based on real-time data regarding the quality of your solutions.

“Our customers need to get their products and software updates out quickly but still with excellent quality. Our automation first approach enables us to reduce testing timescales, and therefore time to market, while maintaining resource availability and reducing costs for our customers.”


Antony Kaplan,
Test Services Director,

the REPL difference.

The key to our success is undoubtedly our talented people. We have an exceptional team of test professionals who are all experts in testing, automation and software development.

Our award-winning Test Service has specialists in all areas of test. We focus on Automation First which is a big part of how we deliver. Our Global Practice has team members in our Global Test Delivery Centres in Warwick, UK and Cape Town, South Africa. Our industry leading automation capability helps our customers to deliver quickly with confidence, and our teams work alongside business analysts and technical architects from the start, which results in efficiency all the way through programme delivery.

Through our automated cards robots, we can automate the full end-to-end scope of your Retail environment with overnight runs through fully automated pipelines to reduce manual overhead during the day.

we find solutions others cant.

We deliver Test Consultancy services to help you find the best way to bring your products to market or choose fully managed end-to-end testing or bring testers or SDETs in to support your own busy teams. Both routes give access to testing experts who’ll define goals, implement change and deliver measurable benefits to maximise ROI.

Test strategy planning, comprehensive documentation and extensive automation testing minimises delays, reduces costs and gets issues resolved sooner. We provide highly experienced test consultants to join your in-house team and optimise all functional, integration and regression testing.

test centres of excellence.

As part of test excellence, our diverse team focusses on providing business assurance by testing the system for a better customer experience. While adhering to the shift left principles, our experienced team adds value to our customer’s business through a wide range of testing services. We provide an end-to-end framework for system or solution validation. We swiftly adapt to continuous business changes and the culture to provide flexible, cost effective and efficient test engagement models. We specialise in simple software, legacy and new complex integrated systems adopting latest technology.
Our dedicated test hub at Warwick is the heart of our Test Excellence. Our test experts are skilled across all areas of Retail, Workforce and Supply Chain, ensuring the end-to-end business systems work flawlessly. The team’s strength is to persevere in all challenging situations leading to successful timely delivery. We look at innovative ways to do what we do best. This is why none of our customers have had any reduced testing capabilities through the Covid period.
We build and maintain trust with all our customers by providing industry standard best test practices and services. We empower our customers, through providing them access to online automation dashboards, allowing them to make decisions quickly with full transparency of information. We engage with our customers throughout the project lifecycle ensuring full transparency and engagement. We accomplish results by helping our customers achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

reimagining retail – upgrading in-store point of sale systems with MACH.

solve your POS system migration challenge with MACH. Embracing a MACH – Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud Native SaaS and Headless – approach has the potential to revolutionise retail and digital programmes.


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“Almost everyone told me that automation of POS and Card testing is impossible. Impossible is a word that I can hardly cope with in a technical context. Good that REPL accepted my challenge and Tina driving it. It is great to see how far we got in such a short time, but there is much more to come”

Markus Krieger

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