in-store technology.

achieve business agility and deliver a seamless shopping experience.

transform the in-store experience.

Retail is undergoing a period of epochal change at present, but one thing remains consistent. The Customer is King. Long live the King!

REPL helps retailers reimagine their customer experience and implement technology solutions to surprise, delight, attract and retain their customers. With a deep specialism with in-store technology, unified commerce and omni-channel solutions, REPL is a world leader in bringing digital best practice to the high street. REPL works across a multitude of retail and hospitality sectors including convenience, fuel, grocery, department store, apparel, restaurants and homeware. We bring innovation, new ways of working and have deep relationships with the leading software providers in the market as well as smaller innovative new market entries.

Whether you are looking to develop a new omni-channel strategy, implement a best-of-breed Point of Sale solution or pilot new digital customer journeys, REPL is well positioned to help.

For retailers, appealing to the
digital-savvy shopper isn’t as simple as just upping their online game.

Instead, they need to craft a seamless purchase journey between the physical and digital.

Friction-free shopping, regardless of whether you’re in store or on your phone

Chris Griffiths,
Managing Partner Customer

achieve a seamless journey online and offline.

Retailers must remove friction from the shopping experience. Post-pandemic 84% of shoppers plan to purchase via mobile apps, 80% by social media networks, 77% on company websites, and 78% in stores, according to Accenture research. Customer journeys grow increasingly more and more complex and ensuring a frictionless interaction requires the right business processes and technology solutions to be in place. REPL Group can help your organisation get this right.

We strongly believe the in-store experience remains a critical facet of retail. Whether you are fuelling or charging your car; buying a gourmet sandwich and coffee or trying on a designer pair of jeans, physical retail matters. Experiences matter. And technology can play a critical role in getting physical retail right.

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in-store technology.

deliver world-leading in-store technology solutions including best of breed Point of Sale providers.

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enabling seamless customer journeys in a post-COVID world.

Research shows that companies with organisational agility see improved financial performance of between 20-30%. Achieve this by embracing a composable enterprise approach that delivers unified commerce, creating a seamless retail journey and personalised in-store experiences.

in-store technology.

Legacy in store technology or manufactured capital can have detrimental impacts across all areas sustainability – increasing energy costs and emissions, employee wellbeing and poor customer relationships can all result from not managing the technology. Combining our experience in vendor selection with deep retail knowledge and sustainability by design enables us to help our customers improve all aspects of suitability across the 5 capitals’

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