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achieve efficiency and overcome disruption.

transform your supply chain.

Research shows that even a short disruption of 30 days or less has the potential of a 3-5% impact on an organisation’s entire EBITDA. But disruption isn’t going to go away, so how can retailers embrace the opportunities in their warehouses and tackle it head on?

Technology in supply chain management has enhanced dramatically in recent years, especially in the area of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Despite this, research has uncovered that only 40% of global retailers have the flexibility within their systems to model for different scenarios.

That’s where REPL Group comes in. Combining decades of industry experience with specialist technology skills, our consultants deliver results you need to stay competitive. Overcome your supply chain challenges with cutting-edge solutions to transform business operations and deliver exceptional customer service. Whether you are looking to develop a new supply chain strategy, conducting an end-to-end supply chain process overhaul, implementing a new technology or piloting an innovation project, REPL can help.

“The disruption that plagues supply chains in the modern day has been shaped by increasingly complex consumer demands, the shift to e-commerce, smaller pick volumes and the increasing disengagement of the workforce.”

Will Shepherd
Managing Partner, Supply

the power of innovation in the supply chain.

Re-evaluate your supply chain strategy

It is more important than ever to have a customer centric supply chain that will deliver more personal products, services, and now experiences. Let supply chain experts help you build a future-proof strategy that is inherently customer focussed, responsible and agile.

Optimise your supply chain processes

Working alongside your supply chain team, we can help you work towards this highly efficient and automated supply chain operations, and optimise your systems, processes and deliver the competitive advantage you need succeed in the short term.

the power of innovation in the supply chain.

Implement the right technology

Leverage the right intelligent platforms to accelerate your supply chain goals and increase efficiencies. Carry out detailed vendor selection processes using tech specialists that will ensure your architecture and future roadmap are not neglected.

Collaborate with us and together we’ll deliver accelerated systems change to get results faster:

  • Improved demand forecasting accuracy of between 30-40%
  • Streamlined end-to-end planning
  • Increased real-time responsiveness
  • Better efficiency and lower costs
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and stronger sustainability
  • Simplification of key day-to-day operational processes

our capabilities.

The tech you need in a demanding logistics landscape to deliver end-to-end excellence. From proof of concept to process design and comprehensive implementation, REPL has the experience you need to confidently embrace the digital opportunity.

Go digital and you’ll enjoy a host of streamlined capabilities:

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning - driven demand forecasting to improve customer service and reduce both waste and costs
  • Real-time digital control tower technology to collect and analyse multiple data sources, providing visibility, real-time control and risk reduction
  • Advanced warehouse management systems (WMS) using AI/ML and advanced algorithms for supercharged productivity and efficiency
  • Tailormade end-to-end planning systems for overall strategic advantage

Quickly see benefits delivered faster and more sustainably: 

  • 20 - 25% increase in forecasting accuracy when using AI/ML
  • 10 -15% increase in working capital/inventory efficiency
  • 5 -10% reduction in wood waste
  • 0.25% - 2.5% increase in stock availability
  • 5 -10% reduction in labour costs across warehouses, stores and operations
  • 75 -150 basis points increase in gross margins

Space and floor planning support retailers in making smarter, more accurate merchandise space allocation decisions that drive revenue growth by leveraging customer insights, maximizing the selling-space available and measure KPI’s using robust analytics. REPL can help you enable a true enterprise-wide space management solution with seamless integration to planograms. Thus, streamlining the design and implementation of each store’s floor plan to maximize category space allocation and sales opportunities.

Assortment. The right product assortment is key in creating a customer experience that builds loyalty. Remove the guesswork and drive higher sales and margins across all channels with localized customer insights. Assortment management combines in-depth analytics, consumer purchase preferences, assortment lifecycle planning, and sizing and pre-pack optimization into a simplified workflow. With REPL’s help in implementing assortment management, you can delight customers with the right assortment while maximizing profitability.

Space and planogram optimisation. When you have the right products in the right amount in the right place, you improve sales, stock levels, and your replenishment efficiency. REPL excel in implementing solutions that enable you to automate and optimize your space planning to maximize ROI.

Accelerate ROI REPL can help you accelerate your customised category management vision through data-driven, consumer-centric category management, space planning and product assortments. Our remarkable people and alliances have unrivalled expertise to manage your project and implement your new system. We work with a range of leading software suites which include cutting-edge AI/ML technology, automated space management, assortment optimisation and inventory planning. Plus the following essential functionality that will enable you to fully manage the in-store shelving and floor plans and ensure you have the right products to sell in the right stores. We specialise in supporting the following within a Category Management/Space and Assortment implementation;
  • Consumer-centric micro and macro space planning
  • Store-specific planogram generation
  • Data-driven assortment optimisation for omnichannel retail
  • Space-aware assortments for planogramming
  • Shelf-based min/max replenishment planning
  • End-to-end integration of up and downstream inventory information
  • Advanced space performance

Today’s ‘everything, everywhere, any time’ customer demands an omni-channel experience that supply chain efficiency and agility is critical to enabling. Spreadsheets, siloed tech and low system maturity simply cannot cope with the complexity of omnichannel supply. Your supply chain is key to meeting the demands of your customers.

• Improve productivity via error-free picking solutions in automated warehouses.
• Order, track and fulfil single-item orders from integrated physical warehouse assets.
• Achieve low basket size break-even and efficient triaging and re-integration of returned products.
• Maximise profitability with low pricing and controlled mark-down across all channels.

Take Logistics to the next level and deliver exceptional operational results. Predict and plan for product outages, surges in demand, control scalability, streamline stock availability, reduce delivery delays and simplify the returns process. 
With advanced technology and the best professional advice in place, you’ll connect the entire supply chain, remove human bias, control costs, see sales grow and create a seamless customer experience. We only partner with the top solution providers to deliver exceptional operational outcomes. Our expertise covers the following solution areas:
REPL’s Warehouse solutions
  • WarehouseWise
  • WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)
  • Blue Yonder WMS
  • Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS
  • Automation, WCS (Warehouse Control Systems) and WES (Warehouse execution systems)
  • Robotics
  • WLM (Warehouse Labour management) 
  • WFM (Workforce Management) for warehouses
  • TMS (Transport Management Systems)
  • LCT (Logistics Control Tower)
We partner with the only top solution providers to deliver exceptional operational outcomes. Our Warehouse Management (WMS) team design build implement and support both Blue Yonder WMS and Blue Yonder Dispatcher – the two leading WMS solution on the market today. For these WMS’ we offer a number of mission critical services to our clients globally:
  • WMS Project Services: Project discovery, Design-Build, Full testing services (System Test, System integration testing, User acceptance testing), implementation and post go-live hypercare support.
  • WMS Interfaces: We design-build-test and implement interfaces with all the top ERPs, carrier management solutions (Centiro, Metapack etc), order management and eCommerce systems.
  • WMS Support: We provide the full suite of WMS managed service support (24 x 7) from our global support centres
  • WMS Hosting: We provide infrastructure hosting services for your WMS
  • WMS SaaS Services: We wrap up a number of services and provide turn-key project and ‘run’ services for our clients globally
Dispatcher Services
Our team offers a wealth of BlueYonder Dispatcher expertise, available to help you get the most value out of the retail industry’ most popular warehouse management system. With its feature-rich system with an extensive roadmap, updated functionality and refreshed UI, Dispatcher provides a single view of complex high volume warehouse operations. REPL has the biggest Dispatcher team in the market – many of whom have worked extensively with Blue Yonder. Dispatcher is now fully supported by BlueYonder with an exciting development roadmap and new user interface. With REPL’s team of expert Dispatcher consultants, we can help you maximise the potential of your Dispatcher WMS.

how to cut costs in your warehouse.

The warehouse industry faces a plethora of costly challenges. But what if controlling the biggest cost of all – labour – could boost the bottom line in more ways than one? That’s where workforce management (WFM) and labour management software (LMS) comes in. Retailers have long used these systems to control costs and boost productivity for frontline employees. But where warehouses are concerned, it’s an untapped technology that will save labour costs and maximise individual workers’ productivity. Download the e-book to learn more.


supply chain.

There are so many opportunities within the supply chain to unlock sustainability, across each of the ‘five capitals.’ Leveraging our Supply Chain knowledge with sustainable delivery and the right technology, can unlock operational waste and emissions reductions, improve improvement both internal and external engagement, build better relationships with employees, suppliers, consumers and also their local communities.

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