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implementing powerful technology for engaged, productive teams.

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With an engaged and skilled workforce, who really care, operating efficiently across your business, you’ll deliver supercharged service to customers and enjoy soaring sales and satisfaction levels. Using the latest industry insights and technologies, you can build an invigorated workforce of passionate people empowered to perform at their very best, and your customers will notice the difference.

Transformative technology encourages everyone to work smarter. Your staff become more engaged and productive. No longer just an employee, they’re inspired to be a brand advocate.

“Investing in staff doesn’t just mean increasing salary and bonuses. It is also about upskilling, motivating, and listening to the teams on the ground to create an agile, multi-skilled and engaged workforce.”


Chris Love,
Managing Partner, Workforce

deliver for your team and for your customers.

We’ll get under the skin of your business to show you how to make this happen with solutions that work across all platforms, including mobile, give your team flexibility within their schedule and control over their work-life balance. Employees who will want to stay with you and high-calibre prospects will want to join your team.

For your customers, this means they are served and supported by knowledgeable and motivated members of your team. Delivering that exceptional customer service that allows your business to stand out in a competitive landscape.

highly engaged, adaptable employees.

REPL’s experts can health-check your current set-up, devise a fully-bespoke strategy and then upgrade or replace. Whether you’ve already chosen the ideal system to meet your needs or require expert, unbiased advice, we can install and fully optimise your carefully-selected software.

Through technology, you’ll achieve the best use of your staff at scale. Personalised schedules plus comprehensive human capital data will create highly engaged, adaptable employees, resulting in people who deliver an outstanding customer experience that increases consumer loyalty and profitability.

With deep understanding based on joined-up data, we prevent your teams from working in silos. Get granular insights into individuals, not groups, via next-generation machine learning and collaborate with staff to manage detailed personalised schedules in the palm of your hand and track time more accurately to remain compliant and automatically feed payroll systems.

collaborate with us on your workforce transformation initiatives.

As the digital and employment landscapes evolve, people practices are also changing. We offer agnostic systems advice, recommending the best solution for your business needs. Giving you and your team the crucial information you need, when you need it.


forecast accurately.

schedule with confidence and agility with reduced manual intervention.

profitability and productivity.

reduce overheads and protect profit through increased productivity.

customer satisfaction.

improve customer satisfaction with the right people with the right skills in the right places.

budgeting and labour modelling.

create budgets and what if scenarios quickly and efficiently.


capture time and integrate with payroll accurately.

digital communications.

communicate effectively with frontline workers.


prepare your business for the next 5-10 years through innovation.

implement an employee centric model and become an employer of choice.

There is a proven link between employee ‘happiness’ and productivity as well as other important metrics such as absenteeism, shrinkage and sales. All companies need to focus on finding the right balance of optimisation, cost and happiness. Technology can play a key role in that.
Focus on costs and productivity is a critical aspect of any business model. As traditional bricks and mortar retail declines companies need to find ways of improving productivity whilst controlling costs. A key component is the employee ‘flexibility’ – multi skilling, working across business units, the use of Gig or contingent workforces whilst recognising the importance of stable, long term employees with consistent patterns.
There is a shift from treating employees as a commodity that can be replaced to a employee centric model recognising the importance people to the success of a company. Many retailers are focused on becoming an ‘employer of choice’ and recognise the revenue and profitability benefits of achieving this.
Technology is playing a key role in workforce transformation. Solutions that replace employees are growing but more critically technology can be at the heart of workforce transformation driving real change and improving the employee experience whilst delivering tangible business benefit. As an example the explosion of mobile technology coupled with a BYOD shift is allowing a direct link to frontline workers.

four ways retailers are supporting the workforce post-pandemic.

the Covid-19 pandemic and its resultant lockdowns have led to the rapid acceleration of a number of digital transformation trends in retail workforce management that have been going on for some years now. Read what steps retailers can take today to support and engage their workforce.

workforce management.

Workforce management technology is a great enabler of human and social capital and can positively and negatively impact the other capitals. By understanding this holistic or sustainable view, and delivering sustainably, organisations can make more informed decisions around staffing and better manage the resulting impacts so that people, profit and planet can benefit.

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"We always want to exceed customers' expectations no matter how they choose to shop at Walmart and having our associates in the right place at the right time is the cornerstone to achieving that goal. Our collaboration with REPL has been an important part of implementing our new scheduling system for associates, which is helping provide predictable and flexible scheduling options."

Rory Graham
Senior Executive for WFM

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